Jerrinice Paquita Ruby Itela is Founder of Paquita Ruby. Born and bred in London, Hackney she studied in Fashion Jewellery and Graduated from (LCF) London College of Fashion with a BA in Fashion Jewellery.


While studying She worked for Erickson Beamon and Katherine Alexander. After Graduating she went on to work for Alona as a production Assistant, where she picked up a few more skills. As Jerrinice was working at Alona's she began to have more responsibility for the brand and understanding of how bringing a brand to life works.


After leaving Alona's she started working for a Jewellery shop Toko in Richmond. This is where she was fully able to understand how a Jewellery business runs.


It was then Jerrinice was able to run one of the Jewellery shops in Richmond. She was responsible for the displays, stock, repairs and making the sure the shop was running smoothly and looking perfect.  


However as much as she loves her job she knew that she was missing out of being a part of the industry. She then began creating her own online shop and taking her passion to the next level.


And it was then Paquita Ruby is born.



 Jerrinice describes her brand as fun, easy to wear jewellery for any occasion.