It's been long over due!!

I know we have all been there. When you put something off forever and a day! When you are literally pushed to do something about it wether you like it or not. It’s not a nice feeling I think we can agree, the feeling of being forced to sort yourself out. But hey it happens and life always throws us off course! 😕

I for one am not going to preach to you about getting anything in check when I barely even sort myself out lol 👀

but (let me let you in on a little secret) I have been making jewellery on and off for about eight years I believe. This is including university where I actually picked up a degree in jewellery making. Nothing with what I do now, but this is where I found my love of creating pieces of jewellery.

I created Paquita Ruby Jewellery about four years ago at work. I worked in a few jewellery places, either selling or making for other people and I thought I so need to do "my own thing". And I honestly did try but you know how life goes. When your a wife, mum and working full time then you know your dreams get left behind like dust 🙄

so fast forward and here I am working on my own thing. I think having my son who is one now has giving me the push I needed. Me being pregnant and not working had me thinking. Then before you knew it he was 4 months old and I hadn't picked up a single jewellery making tool in over a year 😬.. So since he has been 5 months I started to make plans and be serious about "my thing" and I can honestly say I am loving it. Let's just hope I bloody stick at it. I love having my own little desk where I pretty much run everything from my front room, while my son is exploring his new home. It's been hard not going to lie but its been fun too. I suppose its because it's "my thing"....

Anyway I won't keep you much longer, Definitely do not want to waffle on. And also a BIG Thank you to everyone who has been patient with me 🥰 and EVEN BIGGER Welcome to anyone who is new. Hi 👋🏽

Hope you all have a blessed day


Paquita Ruby

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