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Paquita Ruby

An affordable and long-lasting jewellery brand based in London.

Jewellery creator

 Jerrinice Itela is based in London and has always been creative in her work. As a student, she struggled to keep up with the demands of school but always found peace in making and getting her hands into something creative.The subject she enjoyed the most at school was DT (Design Technology). 

Having left school she went on to study Art and Design, which led her to university where she studied for three years. Atthe London College of Fashion (LCF) where she studied Fashion Jewellery for three years. When she finished her degree she went on to work for a jewellery shop, and this helped her gain a better understanding of what the business side of jewellery is all about. 

As a result of working at various small businesses and slowly starting her own business, she decided that she needed to give all her attention to growing her business, which is when COVID 19 came into existence. As a result of this, she was able to concentrate more on her business, which has now been running for three years.


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